Details of Hardware Agnostic

While a lot of the continuing management operation is happening in actual time on the manufacturing network, optimization could and ought to be done first in the test lab. Nailing down what you would like from a gadget goes far in helping you actually locate the ideal tablet for you. The device will have the ability to manage multiple tasking with far more ease. Operating system and manufacturer choice isn’t solely an issue of subjectivity. The operating process is super fast that’s supported with a slew of applications. In the end, you might wind up with a system your integrator no longer supports, leaving you alone to cope with any future difficulties or issues that may come up. If you pick a system which is technology agnostic the array of flexibility is significantly greater, giving the business more options moving forward.

Mobility puts all employees on the exact same page, no matter where they may be found at any point in time. The flexibility of FFMPEG usually means that Encore has the capability to blow our present proprietary equipment from the water, by a vast margin, when comparing visual quality. Functionality enables users with a login to enable different users who do not own a personal login in order to make edits while being monitored and invited to produce changes. For instance it’s hardware agnostic, which means it is going to run on an array of readily available circuits. Thus, for users who wish to use specific hardware from specific brands, the solution is going to be a perfect fit to select. Every personal computer an employee is in a position to use is one less PC, laptop or Thin Client that should be purchased. Mobile computing is now pervasive in the current society.

Whatever They Told You About Hardware Agnostic Is Dead Wrong…And Here’s Why

Every one of Cubic’s proprietary SIMs is intended to satisfy application-specific requirements. NoTouch OS permits you to keep up a consistent appearance and feel over your entire VDI. Because Microsoft won’t enable the modification of it’s kernel and, a few of us might say that Windows isn’t exactly a resilient platform. It has definitely developed a product which looks impressive and will generate a lot of sales. To put it differently, security should not rely on the effort of users. Mobile security must supply the essential safeguards that are quite automatic. Moreover, being locked in to a select collection of hardware may raise the total cost of the hyper converged system offering as time passes.

Legacy hardware makers are doing a number of the very same things. True, there’s a VMWare Player with which you may install and run pre-built digital machines. Therefore, the driver should be in a position to pause things a little.

What You Should Do to Find Out About Hardware Agnostic Before You’re Left Behind

There’s no management as such. Visa management is currently an important part of a modern, integrated border management system. The proper strategies will satisfy both organizational and user targets. A strong mobile strategies ought to be focused on mobility as opposed to devices.

The business is eager to move forward and become hardware agnostic. Rather than requiring customers to buy turnkey appliances, it is offering just the software. By adopting mobile computing technologies, companies are able to modify how they do business. Businesses may also tap into workers who might not be able, or willing, to seek and keep up a classic nine-to-five office position.

Customers expect consistency when employing an item, whatever the platform. At the close of the day it’s up to the customer to determine which is ideal for them as each has pros and cons. If you’re confident in the services your integrator and manufacturer provide, that’s an excellent thing for your businessas long as you comprehend the consequences if things begin to fall apart. Our core companies build on 1QBit’s technology to create new techniques for solving our partners’ highest-value difficulties.

Why Almost Everything You’ve Learned About Hardware Agnostic Is Wrong

Developers are going to be able to make an Alexa-enabled bit of hardware in under 10 minutes from unboxing to first engagement. Now developers of increased value products can begin to produce tools and utilities to more advance VMWare virtual servers. There are several applications to select from with over 250,000 and counting. F5 products ensure that applications are almost always secure and carry out the way that they shouldanywhere, any moment, and on any device. Microsoft’s current digital server product is handicapped by the simple fact that it doesn’t have any Hypervisor.

Some men and women refer the expression agnostic to atheism. Many even attempt to sell their absence of hardware for a plus. You’re able to configure cloud witness for a quorum witness working with the Configure a Cluster Quorum Wizard. The Cloud Witness, in the same way as any other quorum witness, receives a vote and can take part in the quorum calculations. To the contrary, an agnostic person is simply doubtful concerning the divine existence.

Online Event – I got 99 problems but my backups aint one

Date: October 9, 2013

Noon Mountain

Presenter: Richard Douglas


In this session, you’ll gain invaluable guidance for optimizing your backup and recovery efforts. Richard Douglas will show you how to dramatically accelerate backups, perform faster recoveries, and ensure your organization’s critical data is always protected. Plus, you’ll learn tricks and tips to master database monitoring and benchmarking to achieve peak system performance.

Bio: Richard is a Systems Consultant for a vendor of SQL Server solutions where he specializes in SQL Server providing solutions and system health checks to organizations across the EMEA region. Richard has recently taken on the responsibility of being Editor in Chief of the community site Toad World which provides articles on SQL Server and a blog syndication service, other duties see him regularly presenting webinars to both US and EMEA audiences. He is also a keen member of the SQL Server community, he founded and runs a PASS affiliated chapter in the UK ( and is on the organizing committee for a national event called SQLRelay.

Note: we have changed platforms for the DBA VC meetings. If you want to attend the meeting, you must register at

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar. All registrants will be included in a drawing for a $50 Amazon gift card.

Note: the meeting will be recorded and available on the meeting archives page at about a week after the event.

Disabling and Enabling Indexes – Why You Should Consider Rebuilding Your NonClustered Indexes?

When a Clustered Index is disabled, all the NonClustered indexes on the same table are auto disabled as well.

However, when a Clustered Index is enabled, it does NOT automatically enable NonClustered index. So, you need to enable them one by one or REBUILD ALL.

Here is a script that can rebuild them all:


The Leaf level of each NonClustered index is pointing to data pages in Clustered Index. Disabling the Clustered Index will not make NonClustered index pointing to data – it will be pointing to a disabled index instead. So, here is why auto disabling NonClustered Index is very reasonable and make sense!

Enjoy SQL Server!


Online Event – Memory Management in SQL Server 2012

Date: October 9, 2012

Noon Mountain time –

Presenter: Neil Hambly


SQL Server 2012 brings a wide range of changes from its previous versions – one key change is the way SQL Server memory is managed. With releases prior to SQL Server 2012, there were 2 memory managers, these have been merged into 1 with the latest version,
and that’s just the start of the changes for SQL Server memory. This session will dive into questions related to memory in SQL Server 2012.

Session Takeaways:
• Explore SQL Server 2012’s new memory architecture and learn how to diagnose memory performance issues
• Gain insight on memory pressure issues
• Discover settings to adjust the memory configuration levels and their impact


Neil Hambly is a SQL veteran of more than 13 years, with expertise in SQL Server from Version 6.5 to the latest 2012 editions. He’s held database roles at major organizations, including the BBC, ABN AMRO, Accenture, as well as at a number of smaller companies. He’s currently serving as a Database Architect at MDSL, with prior roles as both a DBA and developer.

An active speaker and leader of the London Area SQL Server User Group (UK), Neil can frequently be seen at UK and international events. You can also find him sharing online via his blog, Twitter, and LinkedIn. When not presenting or organizing UG events, Neil is hitting the books and keyboard as he studies for the SQL Server 2008 MCM certification.

Door prize: There will be a raffle for a $50 Amazon gift certificate.  You do not need to register for the meeting, but if you want to enter the raffle, you must register at no later than 5:00 PM EDT on October 9th.

Live Meeting Link:

Note: the meeting will be recorded and available on the meeting archives page at about a week after the event.

SQL Server Path Offline Event (4th of October)

We’ve been cooking this for a while, and here it is. Our event will be held in Riyadh as a first step (Jeddah and Khobar, you’re next). We’ll be having four sessions stating with Hossam discussing the hows and whats of becoming a Database professional for students. The second session will also be a very interesting one for students and professionals, where Nabeel will introduce the audience to SSIS, its uses, and features. These two sessions will be giving in Arabic to ease the communications with the audience.

The third session with Kamal will be about Data Modeling, and I don’t think I need to add anything to how important this session is for everyone. Our last session will be an advanced one, where Shehap will discuss techniques to tune your T-SQL scripts in SQL Server.

If yo want to know more, click HERE

See you all soon.